Ever thought about what would happen if you actually got everything you ever wanted, and became the person you always dreamed you would be? Julia Lanski is internationally loved inspirational speaker, spiritual mentor, and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher who discovered that she could be, do, and have everything, but at the top of her success, was heartbroken and void of one thing that she craved more than anything.

Growing up she dealt with food shortages in her small Russian hometown due to perestroika restrictions, severe bullying, had mafia leaders after her, and a father with alcoholism. She was told by the world around her that she could not be, have, or do anything that she wanted. And instead of listening, she fought. She made her way to the top of a marketing and PR firm in Russia as a lead journalist, moved to the United States at 26, became a model and was named the world’s most beautiful woman by a magazine in Miami in 2013.

After finding an unlimited power within herself that created outside fame and success, the crippling emptiness that still blanketed her life lead Julia to spend 10-days wishing for her death. She felt that, if, despite her success, she still felt isolated and alone, there was no point. Obviously she came out alive. In her workshop AWAKENING THE POWER WITHIN, Julia is excited to share the profoundly simple shift & daily practice that gave her the experience she was craving - one beyond her wildest dreams. It is a philosophy and practice that is open and available to us all, whatever our dreams may be.


Join Julia for an immersion into poignant, heart opening stories and spiritual teachings that take on new depths through her personal experience.