Awakening The Power Of  You


Are you ready to manifest your dream life ?

I've designed a 28 day course to help you do exactly that.

It will accelerate your inner awakening, connect you to your true purpose and help you transcend your fears, doubts and insecurities.

But first, there's something you must understand....

There are two types of unhappy:

People who don't have what they want and people who get what they want, only to discover that it does not truly fulfill them.

I've been extreme versions of both at different points of my life.

In my early 20s, I was homeless, jobless and broke, living on the streets of Moscow.

And THEN, I learned about the power of manifestation.

I started manifesting big time. My dream job as the head of PR for an elite marketing agency, my dream house in Miami that wasn't even on the market, a part in a big Hollywood movie, marriage to a NASA engineer and free travel across the globe. 

But there was one thing I couldn't manifest: true inner peace and fulfillment.

So slowly I watched as all of my manifestations began to self-destruct. The movie got cancelled, I got a divorced, I lost my house and most of my possessions.

I started to realize that manifestation wasn't enough. Something was missing.

So I turned my focus completely inward and practiced meditation, yoga, and Kundalini and studied Buddhism and Kabbalah.

After years of study, I had an inner awakening.

It was like I was meeting my true self for the first time. 

I had been spending my whole life trying to accumulate stuff that would make me happy. I hadn't realized that my true source of happiness was there all along.


Since then, I have realized that there are also two types of happy: 

People who are happy because they have what they want, and people who would be happy even if they didn't have what they want.

I want to teach you to be the second kind of happy: unconditionally happy. Unconditionally peaceful. 


AND I want to teach you how to manifest.

Not because you need things in order to be happy, but because it's fun to have what you want!

This course is about teaching you to have your REAL dream life.

That means not only having the results you want on the outside but also the inner peace, feeling of connectedness to life and others, self acceptance, forgiveness, presence and gratitude on the inside.


What if you could be abundant, yet not attached to material things?

What if you could be confident yet not conceited? 

What if you could be loved yet not attached to other's perception of you?

What if you could have everything you want, yet know that you don't need those things to be happy?


This course will help you to....


  • Gain a deep understanding of how your thoughts affect your material reality.

  • Understand how to produce better results in your life without the stress.

  • Discover who you truly are beyond your body, your relationships, your financial situation and your possessions.

  • Become the vibrational match to your dreams

  • Ensure that you are manifesting from a place of wholeness and health, not from a place of insecurity and fear. 


Over the 28 days, you will get

  • Weekly videos teaching you about the power of meditation, mantra and breath work
  • 4 guided meditation and breath work exercises 
  • Worksheets to help you increase your self awareness, get clarity on your vision and set goals
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community
  • 30 minute coaching call with me!


 Course Overview

Week 1 : Raising Awareness

  • Reality check
  • Preparing for a change
  • Cleansing the space
  • Creating an altar 
  • Meditation

Week 2: Healing : wounds into wisdom

  • Revisiting wounds 
  • Working on forgivness
  • Letting go of what doesn't serve you
  • Learning self-love 
  • Breath work 

Week 3 : Awakening The Power Of You

  • Creating daily rituals
  • Daily affirmations 
  • Rewriting your story 
  • Powerful spiritual practice 
  • Meditation + Special Kria for empowerment

Week 4 : Manifesting Your Dream Life

  • Getting clear on goals
  • Creating an action plan
  • Powerful visualization technics 
  • Mantra for prosperity 
  • Meditation to attract miracles


Are you ready to find true peace, happiness, fulfillment and abundance?